Vaginal Facial

A blend of herbs or natural ingredients is prepared and added to a pot of hot water. Common herbs used may include Organic Moroccan rosemary, lavender, rose petals.

The person undergoing the treatment sits or squats over the pot of steaming water, with their lower body covered by a blanket or cloth to trap the steam. The steam is directed toward the vaginal area.

The steam session typically lasts around 20 during which the person may relax, meditate, or engage in other calming activities such as foot massage or scalp massage.

Some brightening masks may have mild exfoliating properties to help remove dead skin cells and encourage skin renewal.

The hair is physically removed from under the skin.

A skincare product specifically formulated to provide intense moisture and replenish moisture to the skin for a soft and smooth private area.

Follow up with a brightening serum that complements the mask's effects.

After the steam session, the person allows themselves to cool down and rest for a short period.